Lena Julien: Followed her husband to Jakarta in 1998. They almost immediately moved to West Sumatra, where she was soon invited to sing (NOT dance..!) chachadut at a wedding party. Her dad plays lead guitar in a band and her sister is an accomplished harpist, singer & composer. She has been with JICC since the end of 2006 and is ever so thankful for this life-changing experience.

Chairis Yoga: Is an entrepreneur and a father of three lovely daughters (who LOOOVE to sing & dance). His passion in music is what drives him to be actively involved as JICC Committee members. "Singing & meeting so many new friends in JICC have opened an entire new chapter in my life" says Chairis.

Sisi Arsianti: Currently works as a banker. This multi-talented mother of 3 is a strong alto and is always full of energy. She loves singing & dancing, and has choreographed several numbers for JICC.

Esthetika Wulandari: By day, she is a Communication Consultant. By Monday night, she lets her Broadway-geek flag fly at JICC rehearsals. She sways back and forth between Soprano and Alto (depending on which one is easier!), but her love for singing never wavers.